Who We Are

Gallery One is cultural retail group headquartered in Dubai. With 12 stores and more openings planned for 2020, Gallery One is the largest retailer of artistic and culturally based products in the Middle East region. With its sister Company, The Gallery Workshop, it produces more than 1000 framed artworks every month. Through g-1.com, Gallery One sells to loyal customers across the GCC, Europe and throughout the world.

Reminiscent of the retail outlets at MoMA or the Saatchi Gallery, the Gallery One outlets are rich in regional design. Many products are inspired by regional pattern, calligraphy or motif. Gallery One commission’s regional and international artists to create the foundations for new products – from textiles and prints to ceramics and stationery.

Our Story

Ever been to one of the great galleries like the Tate Modern or MoMA? In these, the busiest space is always the gallery shop and we wanted to create a similar atmosphere in our stores. In 2005, Gregg & Jane Sedgwick set about creating gallery spaces in which there was Art in Everything – from a set of gorgeous postcards or a beautifully printed notebook, to a limited edition print signed by the artist – art, design and creativity would be in all that Gallery One represented.


Ever been to one of the great galleries like the Tate Modern or MoMA? In these, the busiest space is always the gallery shop and we wanted to create a similar atmosphere in our stores. In 2005, Gregg & Jane Sedgwick set about creating gallery spaces in which there was Art in Everything – from a set of gorgeous postcards or a beautifully printed notebook, to a limited edition print signed by the artist – art, design and creativity would be in all that Gallery One represented.

We have stores all over Dubai as well stores in Abu Dhabi. Use this page to find the store nearest you.

You can also buy our products online. It couldn’t be easier. Simply register for an account at g-1.com, browse the site and purchase whatever you want. You have a host of payment methods available, and after making a purchase you will receive your products via courier direct to your doorstep worldwide – at your convenience.

Wholesale & Distribution


We are designers and makers of beautiful, culturally inspired, products. For the first time, we are making selected ranges available for sale through high quality retailers. All our ranges are designed ‘in the region – for the region’. Our products will delight your Customers with their colourful and stylish appeal.

At this link; wholesale.galleryone.ae you can view our detailed catalogue across several categories;


Our ranges are expanding all the time. By registering on this site, we will keep you updated with new products, exclusive offers and special promotions. For more information about Gallery One Wholesale, simply drop us a line or two at; wholesale@g-1.com

Retail Partners

We ensure that any retail partnerships are successful by choosing retail partners who understand the Gallery One points of difference, brand proposition and vision. These brand fundamentals help to secure an unrivaled range of unique and distinctive products with healthy margins and strong sales potential for all our current retail partners.

If you would like to become a retail partner and merchandise Gallery One products, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact partners@g-1.com

If you would like to stock our products, have a g-1 store in your store or if you are a retailer and would simply like to discuss ways to work together – drop us a line at retail@g-1.com

Corporate Gifts

At Gallery One (Corporate Gifts), we specialise in beautifully designed and presented artistic gifts. we have provided solutions for many well-known international and regional brands and government ministries – they were looking for unique products with a sense of authenticity and regional provenance. all our gifts can be produced using your own logo and brand colours or, alternatively, carry the gallery one branding. The artwork can be custom designed to your specifications or you can choose from our extensive archive of existing artworks.
If you are thinking of giving a more creative gift, contact us at; gifts@g-1.com

Corporate Projects

We are a leading provider of artwork solutions to businesses throughout the middle east. Clients include international five star hotels, blue chip corporations and government ministries. As part of the artcomm group of companies, Gallery One has an unrivaled creative, production and installation capability which includes the largest and best equipped framing facility in the region. For art to truly enhance, gallery one offers end to end solutions – from concept to completion. For more information, case histories or an initial discussion about a Project, contact us at projects@g-1.com

Click the link below to download the our corporate brochure


Branding & Design

ArtComm applies strategic thinking and creative talent to build brand equity. We work with new and existing brands to create meaningful identity, brand language and clarity of purpose. We like to see ourselves as the bridge between creativity (art) and commerce.


brand+design x product opportunity = commerce



Through a process of ‘getting to know you’, we will help to define your brand. We will look for the essence of your organisation and help define its purpose – why do you exist and how do you make a difference?


Your brand is expressed through a multitude of touchpoints. Brand definition is as much about how you answer the telephone as how your logo looks. All brand representations must link to your purpose – they are an expression of your core values and market positioning.


We believe in the power of design to affect change. Strong, well-thought-through design is at the core of our work. From signage systems to product design, retail interiors to stationery suites – we help to convey a consistent and meaningful language at every opportunity.


Your brand must be properly documented and controlled. Without written manuals, the essence of the brand and the value of your investment in branding, will be diluted. We provide the control documentation, style guides and user manuals for ongoing maintenance of the brand.


Defining your brand; creating a written/visual language that encapsulates the essence of your brand; will help you to reach your full potential. Colleagues will better understand who they work for and why they work there. New recruits will aspire

to your brand personality, purpose and visual representation.

For Customers, your brand is an expression of how you go about your

business – it creates an emotional connection even before you have met. Good branding is a platform from which to grow business – it can define strategy and

provide direction for both internal and external audiences.

Brand equity is enhanced when your purpose is clearly defined – every touchpoint reflects the values associated with your brand. A brand with clarity, simplicity and coherent expression is an aspirational brand with clear vision.



We spend time getting to know you, your products and services. We look at your competitors and your marketplace in order to understand

how you are better/different/distinct.


Through a series of simple statements – we provide a distillation of your brand. The outcome of this phase is a clear and achievable ‘purpose’.


Your logo is a core component within a complex written and visual language. We will create a carefully constructed framework from which to build brand value.


Your investment in brand development will only be worthwhile if you put in place some controls for its application. We develop simple guidelines (other times they are very complex) for the ongoing application of your brand.


We’d love to hear from you to

discuss the potential in your brand;

email: info@artcomm.com

telephone: +971 4 5576103

EXPO 2020


Gallery One (g-1) is the region’s leading cultural retailer. Established in 2006, g-1 has built a reputation for design excellence and product innovation. With our own design teams and extensive production capabilities based in Dubai, we are the perfect partners for the development of high quality souvenirs and gifts.

All the products in this range can be adapted to feature corporate partners names and logos. Alternatively, we can design to your brief and your approach to the core themes; Opportunity, Mobility, Sustainability.

Gallery One will be producing products for the following categories;


Let’s talk…if you would like to talk about these products or your own bespoke range, write to us at; expo2020@g-1.com


We welcome enquiries from individuals and companies seeking to open a franchise. We are currently focused on the Middle East and North Africa region but always welcome a chat with potential franchise partners further afield. If you would like to talk about franchise opportunities in more detail, drop us a line at franchise@g-1.com

Contact Us

Get in touch with us to discuss art, business, careers and mutual opportunities;

+971 4 557 6306

(9AM until 5PM)-UTC+4

General enquiries: info@g-1.com
Careers: careers@g-1.com
Orders & Special Orders: specialorders@g-1.com
g-1.com Orders: onlineorders@g-1.com

Registered Address
Gallery One
Office A306 – 307, Building 4
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