Digital Content Management

Digital customer experience has become a key business differentiation, and the accelerator in the lead to revenue consumer journey. Digital content is at the heart of consumer experience. G1 Studios helps design multidimensional content strategy, create and deploy content to drive engagement, credibility, and eventually preference.

G1 Studios specializes in creating content for today’s age of multi-screen, multi-platform, multi-audiences used to multi-formats, and enables a programmatic content delivery system for our clients.

Digital content impacts the bottom line of the client’s business. G1 Studios enables unified customer experiences with better content strategies, and simply put, great talent! Infographics, memes, how-to videos, product videos, interactive banners, page takeovers, reviews, influencer content, EDMs, gifs, white papers – there are over a 100 types of content formats and about as many platforms. Developing content that delivers visible value to reinforce a brand’s competitive advantage is more than just scripting or laying down brand guidelines. It’s about aligning the creation, distribution and refinement of valuable content with demonstrable business outcomes.